Quantitative Research

Customer Satisfaction & Engagement Survey

Understanding your customers’ satisfaction and engagement levels is crucial to driving business success. At Morrigan Services, our Customer Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys provide you with deep insights into how your customers feel about their experiences with your brand. These insights allow you to pinpoint areas for improvement, enhance customer interactions, and ultimately boost satisfaction.

Why Choose Our Surveys?

Outcomes You Can Expect

Consumer Behaviour Study

In the complex landscape of consumer behavior, what people claim and what they actually do often diverge significantly. At Morrigan Services, our Consumer Behavior Surveys delve into the real motives and behaviors of your customers, providing you with the insights needed to understand and predict consumer actions effectively.

Why Our Surveys Stand Out:

Benefits of Understanding Consumer Behavior:

Utilize Morrigan Services’ expertise to unlock the full potential of your market strategies through precise consumer behavior insights. Let us help you transform these insights into actionable strategies that drive growth and competitiveness.

Brand Health Study

How is your brand really perceived in the marketplace? Is your brand equity on the rise? At Morrigan Services, our Brand Health Studies provide the essential insights you need to understand and measure your brand’s performance effectively. We help you uncover what people truly think about your brand—both the strengths and the areas for improvement.

Why Invest in Brand Health Studies?

Benefits of Regular Brand Research:

Let Morrigan Services empower your business with the knowledge to foster a strong, healthy brand. Our expertise in brand research provides you with the tools to build and sustain a competitive advantage in your industry.

Qualitative Research

Mystery Shopping

Discover what your customers really experience with Morrigan Services’ Mystery Shopping. This tool allows you to gauge the quality of your service from the customer’s perspective, providing critical insights that go beyond standard feedback methods. Our mystery shoppers act as your eyes and ears, delivering information that helps you pinpoint both the strengths and weaknesses of your customer service.

Why Choose Our Mystery Shopping?

Benefits of Our Mystery Shopping Program:

Engage Morrigan Services to deploy mystery shoppers who will help you ensure that your service standards are not just met, but exceeded. Elevate your customer service to build lasting loyalty and a competitive edge.

In-Depth Interview (IDI) (Offline/Online/Hybrid)

Unlock a world of nuanced insights with Morrigan Services’ In-Depth Interviews (IDIs). Whether conducted offline, online, or in a hybrid setting, our IDIs offer a profound understanding of your customers’ and stakeholders’ thoughts and feelings. By fostering a one-on-one conversation, we delve into the rich tapestry of perspectives on situations, ideas, or issues that matter to your business.

Why Choose Morrigan Services for IDIs?

Advantages of Our IDI Approach:

Morrigan Services is dedicated to bringing you closer to your customers’ true perceptions and experiences. Our In-Depth Interviews are an invaluable tool in your qualitative research arsenal, allowing you to make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Focus Group Discussion (FGD) (Offline/Online/Hybrid)

At Morrigan Services, we harness the dynamic exchange of ideas that only Focus Group Discussions can provide. Our FGDs invite small groups of 6 to 7 participants to delve into specialized topics, generating a wealth of qualitative data. Guided by expert moderators and structured guidelines, these discussions offer in-depth insights into consumer perceptions, experiences, and preferences.

Why Opt for Morrigan Services' FGDs?

Experience the Benefits of FGD:

The Morrigan Approach:

Morrigan Services invites you to discover the profound insights that can only emerge from the collaborative environment of a Focus Group Discussion. Let’s unveil the depth of your consumers’ thoughts and shape your strategies with precision.

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At Morrigan Services, we recognize that each business has its own distinct story. That’s why we offer bespoke solutions and a dynamic approach to ensure our clients achieve their unique goals. Let’s embark on a journey tailored to your needs.

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Since our establishment in 2007, Morrigan has been at the forefront of market research and customer experience consultancy in Indonesia. We offer a blend of heritage and innovation, with reasons to choose us as clear as the insights we provide:

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